10 Exclusive No-Brainers: The Truth Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Ultimate Way For A Free and Flexible Life

More and more people are searching for a better way to have greater flexibility and freedom between work and life – the so called  ‘work-life balance’! There’s been plenty of public coverage about this already.

So this article is an insight for those who’ve decided to transition from the traditional to a digital way of doing business in order to give more time for something that’s become an important priority in their life. 

But with such a change, there’s always obstacles, niggles, doubts and fears about the unknown and especially what gets in the way of achieving those dreams.

Me? It took 5 years to transition through a similar journey! And my god, I won’t lie – it was painful getting there!

 The pain didn’t entirely come from the fear of the unknown and self-doubt – it’s  natural to have those feelings when starting something new. 

No, what got in the way was ME, stupidly listening and believing people’s rebuttals about the digital opportunities: “Why you wasting your time…?”, “Are you sure this hasn’t been done before” or “There’s so many people out there already doing it……take the easy way out and just get a 9-5!” 

Resisting the rebukes was exhausting. They lead me to wrongly questioning my capability, doubting if I was really on the right track and dangerously close to going back to the traditional way (thank goodness I didn’t). 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the traditional – It gave me a very good living while it lasted. And there’s a lot my family and friends working in that system. It works for them, even though they may have limited time, flexibility and freedom in their daily life. 

I spent 26 years running a traditional! At the end, it wasn’t for me and therein lies the compelling reason to make that change. Before I dive into the nitty-gritty, let me share with you the events the lead me to the same point where you’re probably at today. 

These are my boys and me, recently, in much happier times. But it wasn’t always like this!

It all began with a cyber-attack on our food business in August 2018 wiping away everything I built over the years with my siblings. That lead to not just losing my business, but also my paycheck, home and marriage. My relationship with the boys got really messy and suffered hugely. 

In the mass confusion, somehow, I realised the setback was an opportunity and a signal for change. I wanted to be there for the kids (something I missed over the years as they were growing up) and repair the damage that had been done. 

But to be able to give time, starting over again with another traditional style business was a non starter!

I had to do something that would work on autopilot. A digital business that works for me, generating a monthly income by itself, as I invest valuable time and effort in the one thing that matters to me the most.  

That journey took 5 years! With limited funds at hand, I re-skilled myself with numerous online training programs.  If I’m honest, the personal development and training most companies provide is great and that alone is worth the experience. But for me, that’s where the upside ended. They were exactly that – JUST training programs. I was seeking for much much more.

You see, I’m a sucker for persistent punishment. Even through the rebukes and rebuttals, I still managed to launched 3 digital businesses (a virtual courier business, a dark (kinda digital) kitchen and an online coaching business) but all with a lack of conviction. I guess, I should’ve realised after the first failure it wasn’t working. None of them met my ultimate criteria of creating more time – It was blatantly obvious, there was something missing! 

The thing is, I’m a grafter and I was so desperate to have the time to mend the broken relationship with the boys. Hard work is what I knew! I just didn’t know there was another way – a smarter way!

My eyes were opened to Affiliate Marketing after I saw someone on YouTube offering the same intro training you could access in the button below. It walks you through all the different types of digital online businesses you could start with just a laptop and internet connection. However, like me, you may think it looks too good to be true – after all, I did mistrust most things after having lost it all. So, I procrastinated, convinced that I was being cautious.

Fast forward a year or so, my 3rd digital business attempt failed and the final straw was a blood sucking job that had worn me down. 

In desperation, I decided to come back to investigate the intro training and immediately felt like a fool for having overlooked it in the first place! I went on to invest in some top-notch education and have never looked back. 

Read on for the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Traditional v the Digital (Affiliate Marketing) or hit the button below to learn more about working online straight away!

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